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What Should You Do?

If you have been involved in an accident; what should you do? At the scene of the accident it is important that you do not admit responsibility for the accident, even if you think you may be responsible. We give this advice because there are times when our clients really don't know all the contributing factors to their accidents.

Almost everyone today has a cell phone that will take photographs. For purposes of your case is helpful if photographs are taken right away. This can be especially helpful if the photographs show the final resting positions of the involved vehicles, along with the damage to each vehicle.

Even if you don't get photographs at the accident scene you should still make a point to take photographs of the damage to your vehicle before it is repaired. The same is true for obtaining photographs of the other vehicle if you are able. Consult with a lawyer early on. It will not be long after the accident before insurance adjusters and claims managers will be contacting you. You will be at a disadvantage dealing with these professionals if you do not have an attorney working with you. In addition, we may want to have our accident reconstruction experts on site right away, before important forensic evidence, such as skid marks, are lost.

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Do not give any statements to any insurance representatives without consulting with your lawyer first.

If a police officer asks you for a statement or for information at the accident scene, and if he makes it clear that his efforts are directed at an accident investigation, you may give him the statement. Statements given to the investigating officer as part of his accident investigation are privileged and cannot be used in court. However, if his questions are for the purposes of a criminal investigation, such as a DUI investigation you'll want to have the benefit of counsel before talking with the officer.

Experience in handling your claim:

Barry Morgan has successfully handled hundreds of car, motorcycle, and truck accident cases over the past 32 years. You may review just some of his results by referring to the icon at the top of this page.

Motor vehicle insurance:

In the state of Florida, we have particular insurance requirements that apply to most motor vehicles. Our no-fault law requires certain medical and lost income benefits for injured persons regardless of fault. Typically each person injured in a motor vehicle accident is entitled Personal Injury Protection, (PIP), for 80% of their medical bills paid, up to a maximum of $10,000. In addition, part of that $10,000 total limit may be applied to compensate for 60% of lost income.

In addition to PIP insurance, many of the better insurance policies provide for uninsured/underinsured motorist benefits. This is a favorable form of insurance that I highly recommend. It protects my clients when they are unfortunate enough to be injured as a result of the negligence of someone who has no or little insurance. Attorneys should always inquire about the presence of UM insurance.

Your automobile policy may also provide coverage for your damaged vehicle regardless of whether you were at fault. And, typically all policies provide coverage for damage caused to other vehicles. So, if your vehicle is damaged as a result of someone else's negligence you may be able to recover for your damages from your own insurance company as well as the insurance company of the wrongful party. Sleep microphone sleep

Handling your case:

In addition to interviewing witnesses, we may use investigators, accident reconstruction experts, human factors experts, biomechanical engineers, and other forensic experts to document how your accident occurred. As the investigation of your case develops, we determine which of these experts will be most useful and add them to your trial team. Having the right experts on your side enhances settlement discussions with the insurance company and prepares us to go to trial if we do not obtain the settlement you deserve.

Even though most of our cases settle before going to trial, I prepare each case as if it will have to be presented to a jury. In my experience, there is no substitution for detailed, thorough preparation of the case. The insurance company knows when your case is properly prepared and will make settlement offers accordingly. I try to be relentless in the pursuit of obtaining the largest settlement or verdict for my client.

Handling your case:

As a car accident victim, or any other motor vehicle accident victim, you may be entitled to some of the following elements of compensation:

  • payment for your medical bills

  • compensation for future medical care and treatment

  • repair or replacement of your motor vehicle

  • rental reimbursement

  • medical treatment, whether you have insurance or not

  • recovery of your past lost wages

  • payment of your loss of earning capacity in the future

  • reimbursement for your out-of-pocket expenses incurred

  • monetary recovery for pain and suffering

  • monetary recovery for your mental anguish

  • monetary recovery for your loss of capacity to enjoy life

  • monetary compensation for disability

  • monetary compensation for disfigurement

  • monetary compensation for permanent impairment

What is your case worth?

The value of each case depends upon a number of unique factors that can vary from case to case. When we evaluate your case we consider a number of factors including, but not limited to: the amount of past medical bills, the amount of your lost wages, medical treatment you have received, the cost of future medical treatment, the severity and permanency of your injuries, how you and your family have been affected, your future in terms of your physical limitations, and the impact your injury will have on future employment opportunities.

Types of motor vehicle accidents:

I have handled cases for drivers, passengers, and victims of passenger cars, motorcycles, dump trucks, semi-tractors, pickups, golf carts, ATVs and construction equipment.

Property damage claims:

The damage to your vehicle is often an important issue. You have the right to have your vehicle properly repaired or have it replaced forage value if it is total. You may also be entitled to car rental reimbursement. Insurance carriers often dispute the extent of your property damage claim. As part of our services, I will intervene and fight the insurance carrier to resolve your property damage claim.

Speak to an attorney now:

If you have been injured, I can help you. Click the contact now box, for a confidential, no-obligation, free home, phone or office consultation, or complete the confidential online submission. It is better to retain your attorney early, especially if it is a major accident, where we may want to have our accident reconstruction experts on site right away, before important forensic evidence, such as tire marks, are lost.


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