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The United States is a country that prides itself on providing some of the best healthcare in the world. Yet sadly, tens of thousands of Americans die each year from pharmaceutical-related errors. Mistakes tend to occur whenever patients are either given the wrong medication or are prescribed the incorrect dosage of their prescriptions. Pharmaceutical errors can also happen as a result of the following:

  • Miscommunication when placing a prescription order

  • Incorrectly labeled products

  • Faulty medications (improperly combined)

  • Pharmaceutical malpractice or doctor negligence

  • Prescription abbreviation errors/handwriting discrepancies

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Who is Responsible?

Pharmaceutical errors have the potential to be quite dangerous, as they cause individuals to suffer from adverse reactions and harmful side-effects. They can also lead to seriously debilitating injuries and in some cases, even death. Manufacturers of different drugs and supplements are usually the ones that can be held responsible for the sale of defective products, devices, and drugs. This responsibility extends to applying reasonable care when it comes to the design and manufacture of a product.

Under product liability law, manufacturers are required to ensure that the product is held to a certain standard. They are basically obligated to make safe products, which include designing, manufacturing, inspecting and labeling them appropriately. However, they are not always successful. Unfortunately, proving pharmaceutical injury claims can often be complicated and expensive.

Legal Representation

Having the right legal representation is essential for a successful outcome in pharmaceutical injury lawsuits. Serving the Central Florida area, The Morgan Law Office can help you when it comes to pharmaceutical injuries. As a personal injury law firm, we specialize in trial work and have gone to trial in more than 50 cases involving personal injury or wrongful death claims.

The Food and Drug Administration is the federal agency responsible for regulating products, including pharmaceuticals. While the FDA must approve all prescription drugs, they are often pressured to expedite the approval process by certain manufacturers. This often leads them to sell certain drugs prematurely without thoroughly testing for potential side effects, long-term effects or negative interactions. As a result, patients continue to suffer from serious injury or death.

At The Morgan Law Office, we handle cases involving the following types of pharmaceutical injuries and prescription drugs:

  • Prescription dangers

  • Pharmacy errors

  • Accutane

  • Bextra

  • Celebrex

  • Crestor

  • Digitek

  • Phenylpropanolamine (PPA)

  • Vioxx

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