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Attorney Malpractice:

Attorneys, as with all professionals, are capable of committing malpractice. Cases of this nature may involve an attorney missing a statute of limitations; failing to recognize problems and a contract for deed; failing to follow required court procedures to the detriment of client's case or other omissions.

Rules that govern attorneys in the state of Florida provide that an attorney may not charge an unreasonable fee. This rule applies in all circumstances of legal representation. Occasionally, a client and attorney may enter into a fee agreement anticipating that the attorney is going to be required to do much more than the attorney actually does. In those cases, the client may be entitled to a refund or reduction of the agreed-upon fee in order to assure that the fee ultimately charged is not an unreasonable fee in view of the services actually provided.

Attorneys are also required to maintain complete loyalty to their clients. This means that the attorney's judgment and advice may not be clouded by any conflict of interest. The Florida bar requires specific actions on behalf of attorneys when they are faced with a potential conflict of interest. These rules apply to all members of a law firm. One member of a firm may not take action that is adverse to the interests of another member's clients.

Any person damaged by the wrongful or negligent conduct of an attorney has a legal right to representation. For every wrong, there should be a remedy and in order to assure that in cases of attorney malpractice members of the bar should hold themselves available to represent the damaged client. If you have a case in which you believe your lawyer may have damaged your rights or charged an excessive fee contact us for a free consultation.

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Accountant Malpractice:

Accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs can make mistakes which can be very costly to the interests of their clients. This may apply particularly in the matter of tax issues. But in addition, accountant malpractice can occur in the context of inadequate or poorly performed audits, in failing to recognize inappropriate financial activities, and in failing to adequately appraise the value of an asset or business.

Such mistakes can be very costly. Most reputable accountants and CPAs carry insurance to protect themselves and their clients from any such mistakes. If you believe that your accountant, bookkeeper or CPA may have made and the may have made a mistake to your detriment contact us for a free consultation.

Realtor/Appraiser/Surveyor Malpractice:

During the course of real estate transactions, realtors, appraisers, and surveyors may all make mistakes that turn out to be very costly to their clients. These professionals usually carry insurance to protect themselves and their clients from any such mistakes. If you believe that your realtor, appraiser, or surveyor made a mistake that cost you money contact us for a free consultation.